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Below Entertainment dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

City Dream Explanation

City Dream Explanation ? A province in a dream represents its governor or renowned scholars. Governing a city in a dream means rising to a suitable position, getting married, recovering from an illness, repenting from sin, or receiving guidance at the hand of a learned sheikh. Seeing a deceased person walking alive in a city in a dream perhaps means that he is in paradise enjoying its blessings. Seeing a deceased person in a village in a dream means that he might be in hell laboring with its people. A city in a dream also represents the entertainment it provides for its dwellers. The name of a city one sees in a dream should reflect some of the meanings of one's dream. (See Introduction).

Ruby Dream Explanation

Ruby Dream Explanation ? The ruby symbolizes joy, entertainment and luxury and the friend whose heart is tough. A small number of rube stones alludes to women; more is money. ? Wearing a ring with a ruby: The dreamer will be pious and make a name for himself. ? A man hoping or expecting that his wife will give him a male child taking a ruby: She will have a girl. ? Wearing or hoarding a ruby ring: Wife is pregnant.? (1) If wife is already pregnant, she will give birth to a girl who will soon die.? (2) If the hero of the dream is a bachelor, he will find something or pick up an abandoned female child.? (3) Wearing a red ruby ring: A pretty but very harsh woman is in love with the dreamer.

Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation

Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation ? ? Dead women rising beautifully dressed with full makeup: The dreamer or the family of these women will witness the revival of certain matters, depending on how beautiful the women looked and how well they were dressed. White dresses refer to religious matters, red to entertainment, and black to wealth, power, and mastery. If their dresses are tattered, it means poverty and worries; dirty dresses symbolize the accumulation of sins. ? Making love to one?s resuscitated wife and getting wet with her water? (semen):? (1) Pending matters will be settled favourably, and money will be spent willingly in the right way.? (2) Will resume one?s leadership.? (3) Business will be lucrative.

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Wedding Dream Explanation

Wedding Dream Explanation ? ? On the contrary, a wedding party in which dancing or any form of entertainment takes place heralds a tragedy. A particularly bad omen is the zaghrouda, the strident, long-drawn, and trilling shrill produced by Arab women by moving the tongue with the rapidity of the drumstick of an electric bell as a manifestation of joy. One zaghrouda means minor worries. ? A person giving a wedding party: Catastrophe. ? Being invited to a wedding ceremony: Joy and happiness, provided no food or banquet is seen. ? Organizing or looking after the preparations of a wedding party: Some members of the dreamer?s family will attend his funeral. ? If the wedding ceremony takes place in a house where a person is ill: The latter will die.

Oboe Dream Explanation

Oboe Dream Explanation ? (Flute; Musical instruments; Wind instruments) In a dream, an oboe means amusement, distractions, entertainment, pleasures, celebrations, weddings, enticing rebellion, or corruption. If one receives an oboe as a gift from a governor in a dream, it means that he will preside over an administration. Placing one's fingers over the holes of an oboe in a dream means learning, memorizing and understanding the Quranic revelations.

Sparrow Dream Explanation

Sparrow Dream Explanation ? The sparrow has contradictory interpretations. It symbolizes:? (1) A huge, great, and dangerous man in terms of money who is slow does not recognize people?s rights, and is harmful to most people. He is a wicked man, even a swindler, but knows how to be in perfect command. He is a skilful politician and an excellent decision maker.? (2) A man of entertainment who has plenty of stories and good jokes and whom people take to be a fool.? (3) A beautiful woman who has mercy on people.? (4) A male child.? (5) Praise. Dreaming of owning plenty of sparrows means one will be properly funded and command dangerous people.

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Asylum Dream Explanation

Asylum Dream Explanation ? But the sanatorium also alludes to entertainment, playing, joking, and irresponsible behaviour in society or in people?s occupations, as is the case with psychopaths. A mentally disturbed person would not mind parting from his children. ? A dead person seen in a sanatorium: He is in Hell, as the madhouse ?is the place of chains and shackles?? (which have now been replaced by the straitjacket).

Dog Dream Explanation

Dog Dream Explanation ? ? The dogs appearing enraged and barking ferociously: Harm and deceit will befall the dreamer from evil people. ? Dogs that are adopted as pets for entertainment and physical pleasure? (caresses, et cetera) symbolize prosperity and good living; anything bad that would happen to them in the dream could have an adverse effect on such a good living in reality, along with sorrow and the disappearance of pleasure. ? Water dogs? (otters) refer to bad men or unfulfilled wishes and actions that do not culminate in success. ? Turning into a dog: God has given you a great knowledge and withdrawn it from you when you failed to appreciate it. ? A dog barking to the dreamer: Will hear unpleasant words from an ?ungentlemanly? person.

Bear Dream Explanation

Bear Dream Explanation ? (Mammal) In a dream, a bear represents someone with a physical infirmity, who is evil, deceitful, perfidious and betraying. A bear in a dream also represents a dull and a heavy looking woman who takes pleasure in partying, uninhibitedness and enjoying all types of entertainment. Seeing a bear in a dream also means capture or imprisonment, or he could represent a stupid enemy, a thief, an effeminate person, or a trickster.

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Entertainment dreams FAQs:

Seeing Entertainment dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Entertainment dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Entertainment dream Refer to Entertainment islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Entertainment very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Entertainment?

There are different meanings of Entertainment dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Entertainment dream Refer to above Entertainment islamic dream interpretation.

What do Entertainment symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Entertainment dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Entertainment dream Refer to above Entertainment islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Entertainment in dream?

Entertainment dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Entertainment dream Refer to above Entertainment islamic dream explanations.


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