Islamic dream interpretation of Field, Explanation & Meaning for Field dreams

Mole Dream Explanation

Mole Dream Explanation ? (zool.) A mole in a dream means blindness, uncertainty, unavoidable circumstances, disappearing from social circles, or it could mean incompetence in one's field. A mole in a dream also could mean having sharp hearing, or correcting one's vision if one happens to have hearing disability or sight problems. If a mole is seen beside a deceased person in a dream, it represents hell-fire. Seeing a mole in a dream also may indicate finding support in mundane endeavors. It also means trickery, insolence, or finding a permanent residence.

Educator Dream Explanation

Educator Dream Explanation ? (Instructor; Master; Mentor; Teacher) In a dream, an educator or a teacher represents himself, or he could represent the principal of a school, or a model, a pillar, a sheikh, a jailer, one's son or one's mother. An educator in a dream also means a coach or an animal trainer. Seeing oneself as an educator in a dream means advancing in one's field.

Barley Dream Explanation

Barley Dream Explanation ? (3) Reaping barley during the right season: Will obtain money and must spend part thereof in the way of Allah, in view of the Quranic verse: ?? Eat ye of the fruit thereof when it fruiteth, and pay the due thereof upon the harvest day, and be not prodigal. Lo! Allah loveth not the prodigals ??? (?Al-Anam? [Cattle], verse 141.)? (4) Planting barley: Will do something that will please God.? (5) Seeing wet or mature barley: Fertility.? (6) Buying barley: Great welfare. ? Walking in the middle of a barley field: Will die as a martyr.

Bill of exchange Dream Explanation

Bill of exchange Dream Explanation ? (Bank draft; Commercial) If one sees himself paying someone a fee to write him a bill of exchange, or a bank draft in a dream, it means that he will borrow some money to do business and that he will profit from his investment to become known in his field. In a dream, if by mistake, one sends the bank draft to the wrong destination or to another country that produces the same type of products, in this case his dream means that he will lose his investment or recover his capital cost after some hardship.

War correspondent Dream Explanation

War correspondent Dream Explanation ? (Correspondent; Exchanging letters; Spy) Exchanging letters between two army camps in a dream means nearing the end of one's life, quelling a riot, accepting the truth, following what is lawful, death of a sick person, or the victory of an oppressed person. If one becomes a war correspondent in a dream, it means that he may become a spy, or be promoted in his field. (Also see War)

Reaping a Field Dream Explanation

Reaping a Field Dream Explanation ? It alludes to bloodshed.

Harvest Dream Explanation

Harvest Dream Explanation ? Harvesting one's farm in a dream means ease after difficulty, or seeing a fast return on one's investment. It also could represent destruction, or it could mean receiving admonition. The portion harvested in a dream will equal the size of destruction that will befall the area. If one sees people harvesting a field in the middle of the marketplace or a road in a dream, it means that a calamity will befall them because of their sins. On the other hand, it also means profiting from one's business. If worshippers are seen harvesting inside a mosque with no outside help in a dream, it means reaping the reward of their devotion and sincerity.

Wild thyme Dream Explanation

Wild thyme Dream Explanation ? In a dream, wild thyme means hoarding money, or it could mean virility and rejuvenation of one's sexual appetite. In a dream, wild thyme also means continuous blessings, power, a good business, a woman or a child. Seeing wild thyme in the field is better than seeing it cut in a dream, for once any fragrant plant is cut in a dream, then it means distress and worries. (Also see Wild plants)

Camel Dream Explanation

Camel Dream Explanation ? ? Owning or riding a she-camel:? (1) If a bachelor, will get married.? (2) If planning to travel, the journey will take place.? (3) Will own some land or a house, et cetera. ? A she-camel giving milk in a mosque or an agricultural field: A fertile year to come. If people are scared or besieged, or if there is some intrigue or heresy in the air, all those things would disappear, as the she-camel milk represents normalcy in adoring God and observing the Tradition of the Holy Prophet. ? Touching a baby camel: Sorrow and worries.

Siddiqoon, Alias Ruhail, Alias Nuriail Dream Explanation

Siddiqoon, Alias Ruhail, Alias Nuriail Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing Siddiqoon:? (1) Good augury, good tidings.? (2) Reading addiction, as is the case with those working in the field of education and writing.? (3) Joy.? (3) The fulfilment of promises.? (4) Life and death.? (5) Governing.? (6) Marriage and children.? (7) Travel and return.? (8) Glory and defeat. ? Siddiqoon telling or giving something to the dreamer: It will be so.

Sword Dream Explanation

Sword Dream Explanation ? If one's head is cut off with a sword in a dream, it means that the one who received the blow will triumph over the one who beheaded him, or receive benefits through him . If one's body is dismembered with a sword in a dream, it means that he may travel far, or that his progeny will disperse across the land. A sword in a dream also represents wealth, power or knowledge. Waving a sword during a duel in a dream means becoming known in one's field or profession. (Also see Duel; Knife)

Seeds Grown into Plants or Trees Dream Explanation

Seeds Grown into Plants or Trees Dream Explanation ? It is a glad tiding that his good deeds a re accepted by Allah Taala and that he will attain popularity, credibility and dignity in this world as a result of his good actions. At other times seeds may be interpreted as one's children on condition that the field wherein the seeds are sewn is seen in its entirety and he is familiar with it.

A Field Meant for Growing Produce Dream Explanation

A Field Meant for Growing Produce Dream Explanation ? Seeing his field utilized for growing produce means that he will prosper in matter pertaining to his Deen and Worldly life. The greener the field the greater the prosperity.

Cleaner Dream Explanation

Cleaner Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself cleaning the road to Mecca in a dream, it means that he will perform a pilgrimage. Cleaning through a grass field without knowing the owner in a dream means becoming a renunciate. Cleaning the floors of someone's house in a dream means finding how he is doing. (Also see Sweeping the floor; Washer; Washing)

Raincoat Dream Explanation

Raincoat Dream Explanation ? (Overcoat; Trench coat) In a dream, a raincoat means comfort, superiority, backing, cooperation and strength. As for a merchant, wearing a raincoat in a dream means prominence, distinction and fame in his field. Wearing a heavy raincoat in a dream means profits in one's material and spiritual life. Wearing a cotton overcoat in a dream means lesser benefits.

Turnip Dream Explanation

Turnip Dream Explanation ? In a dream, turnip represents a strong woman from a village, a curious villager, or it could mean distress and worries. If one sees turnip growing in the field in a dream, it means having unhappy children.

Sprout Dream Explanation

Sprout Dream Explanation ? (Garden greens; Leguminosae) A fresh sprout in a dream means distress, but if it is dry, then it means a good harvest, or clean money which is earned with joy. If one sees himself gathering a bunch of green sprouts in a dream, it denotes a warning. If one recognizes its substance in his dream, interpreting the element then goes back to its innate quality. Entering into a field of sprouts in a dream means a marriage into the family who owns that farmland, or it could mean a business partnership. If one sees himself bartering green sprouts for bread in a dream, it means aversion to poverty.

Plowing Dream Explanation

Plowing Dream Explanation ? Plowing in a dream means marriage. If one sees himself plowing a field that belongs to someone else in a dream, it means that he will end by marrying that man's wife. (Also see Earth)

Truffle Dream Explanation

Truffle Dream Explanation ? ? A poor person collecting and eating truffles and the like: Will become rich. ? A rich person collecting and eating such plants: Will get richer. ? An ascetic person unearthing and eating truffles: Will come back to the pleasures of the flesh. ? Moving from one truffle field to another: Will undertake pleasure trips or move from one market to another or from one trade to another.

Onion Dream Explanation

Onion Dream Explanation ? Eating a strong smelling or a fragrant herb in a dream means contempt, loathing on the part of some members of his family toward him, or it could mean that hidden matters will finally surface. If such herbs are the type of bulbs that require skinning before eating, then they denote curiosity and eavesdropping, representing what is usually discarded. In a dream, onions for a businessman represent the element of money, and for a traveller it represents health, success and a safe return. Onions in a dream also mean distress and difficulties. Gathering onions in the field in a dream means suffering from harm caused by one's own family.

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