Islamic dream interpretation of Belly button, Explanation & Meaning for Belly button dreams

Pinch Dream Explanation

Pinch Dream Explanation ? ? Pinching a man?s buttocks: The dreamer will betray the man with his wife. ? Pinching a man?s belly: The dreamer is after his safe. ? Pinching a man?s thigh: The dreamer has an eye on the monies of his kith and kin. ? Pinching a man?s hand: The dreamer covets his brother?s money. ? Being pinched by a handsome individual or, simply, your hand being pinched: You are being spoken ill of.

Belly Dream Explanation

Belly Dream Explanation ? ? Having a small belly without feeling hungry: Dearth of resources. If the dreamer felt hungry, it would mean that he is careful with money and will obtain as much money as the hunger he felt in the dream. ? The belly getting small: The dreamer has too many things. ? Feeling full: The dreamer is loaded. ? Crawling on the belly: The dreamer relies too much on money. ? Having pain in the stomach: The dreamer?s household and relatives are in good health.

Belly Dream Explanation

Belly Dream Explanation ? ? (See Abdomen.) The belly, stomach, or abdomen symbolizes the person?s safe, money, offspring, relatives or clan members, or the shelter of his children. ? Having a big belly:? (1) Plenty of money, children, et cetera.? (2) Usury.? (3) The dreamer has spent his money on sins, feels sorry about it, and would like to expiate.

Fish Dream Explanation

Fish Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself attempting painstakingly to catch a whale in a small pond in a dream, it means money that he will fight for, though he cannot get hold of it without having to cross major obstacles. If one finds a pearl or two in the belly of a fish in a dream, it means that he will marry a rich woman and conceives one or two sons with her. If he finds a ring in the belly of the fish in a dream, it means that he will gain authority and might. Finding fat in the belly of a fish in a dream means acquiring money from a woman. Seeing oneself fishing on a dry land means committing adultery, a sin, or it could mean hearing good news. Catching a fish with excessive bones and scales denotes the necessity to pay one's dues or to distribute alms tax on one's liquid assets, because one cannot enjoy his catch unless he first cleanse it. Seeing sea fish swimming toward sweet waters, or river fish swimming toward the sea in a dream means hypocrisy, falsehood or the rise of an innovator or an impostor. If one sees fish swimming on the water surface in a dream, it means ease in attaining his goals, exposing secrets, unveiling hidden past, reviewing old books or redistributing an old inheritance.

Ring Dream Explanation

Ring Dream Explanation ? ? Borrowing a ring: The dreamer will own something that will not last. ? Taking a ring from a king: A house the dreamer enters, dwells in, or owns. The stone is the gate or door of that house. A girl or a woman whom the dreamer marries and whose ring-shaped vagina he will deflower by introducing ?the finger of his belly?? (penis) in it. The stone represents her face. ? Wearing the king?s ring:? (1) The dreamer will be given a province.? (2) The dreamer will succeed his father.? (3) In case the dreamer has no father or if his father is dead, the reverse of what he wishes will happen or he will be given a useless province. ? A ruler dreaming that his ring has been taken away from him by force:? (1) Will be deposed.? (2) Will divorce.

Beard Dream Explanation

Beard Dream Explanation ? ? A beautiful and proportionate beard, not too long, not too short: Money, prestige, and nice living. ? The beard longer than it should be or than it is in reality: Debts and worries. ? The beard lengthening till reaching the belly and sticking to it: Money and prestige but not before toiling inasmuch as the beard seemed sticking to the belly. ? The beard reaching the navel: The dreamer is disobeying God. ? The beard reaching the navel and the dreamer looking at it: The latter is a muath-then? (he who calls for prayers), but one who acts as a Peeping Tom from the top of his minaret, looking through the windows all around. ? The beard lengthening on both sides but not from the middle: Will acquire money, which somebody else will enjoy.

Anus Dream Explanation

Anus Dream Explanation ? ? A kind of snake coming out of one?s anus: Estranged children. ? A snake coming out of the dreamer?s collar or anus and going into the earth: The dreamer?s time is over. ? A snake coming out of the dreamer?s ear, belly, vagina, or anus: Will commit a sin and give up religious faith or the dreamer?s children might turn inimical. ? According to Is Haq Ibrahim ibn Abdullah Al-Kirmani, another authority on dreams quoted by Ibn Shaheen, the sight of the anus augurs well for the dreamer. More, if a nice smell is coming out of the anus, it means that people are praising the hero of the dream. The reverse is also true.

Buttonhole Dream Explanation

Buttonhole Dream Explanation ? (See Button)

Drainage Dream Explanation

Drainage Dream Explanation ? See Gargoyle. DRAWING LOTS. ? Drawing lots against someone and winning: Will triumph in a righteous matter. ? Drawing lots and being rejected: Will have worries and go to jail, then be saved, in view of the story of Yunus? (Jonah) in the Holy Quran: ?And lo! Jonah verily was of those sent [to warn], when he fled unto the laden ship. And they drew lots and was of those rejected; and the fish swallowed him while he was blameworthy; and had he not been one of those who glorify? (Allah), he would have tarried in its belly till the day when they are raised.?? (?Al-Saffat? [Those Who Set the Ranks], verses 139?44.)

Pregnancy Dream Explanation

Pregnancy Dream Explanation ? In general, pregnancy means that the dreamer?s share in life will increase, be he a man or a woman. But there is a host of contradictions in the interpretation of such a dream. ? Seeing one?s wife pregnant: The dreamer is aiming for something. ? A man dreaming that he is pregnant: (1) His share in the world will increase inasmuch as the belly was big. (2) Sorrow is ahead. (3) If he had given birth to a boy? (in the dream), that means big calamity. Conversely, a girl means benefit. (4) He has severe problems and worries that nobody has noticed yet. They are likely to grow further, and he might be uncovered. (5) If a scholar, the dreamer will acquire more knowledge. (6) If a craftsman, the dreamer will earn money to somebody else?s benefit. (7) He is staying next to an enemy, or his neighbour is an enemy. (8) He is deeply in love.

Saddle Dream Explanation

Saddle Dream Explanation ? The saddle symbolizes influence, a beast that the dreamer rides, or a noble, beautiful and impressive woman. It could also refer to money. ? Being on a saddle: The dreamer will triumph in all matters and under any circumstances. ? Owning a saddle: The dreamer is married to, will marry, or will have sex with three women because, says Al-Nabulsi, he sits on a saddle like he does on the lower part of a woman?s belly and introduces his feet in two stirrups, as if they were two vaginas? (1 + 2 = 3) .

Abdomen Dream Explanation

Abdomen Dream Explanation ? See Belly.

Crawl Dream Explanation

Crawl Dream Explanation ? ? Crawling on one?s belly: Will be handicapped and compelled to spend all savings owing to unemployment. ? A person dreaming of being unable to crawl anymore after stomach has been skinned and asking people to carry him: Will become poor and ask people for alms.

Button Dream Explanation

Button Dream Explanation ? If an unwed person sees himself buttoning a shirt in a dream, it means that he will get married, or that he will play an important role in uniting two people, or to bring peace between two partners, or that he will revive an old and a forsaken project. Tying one's buttons in a dream means getting married, or going through difficult financial circumstances. Wearing a buttoned shirt in a dream means experiencing tight circumstances, or reuniting with a traveller returning home, or marriage of an unmarried person. (Also see Clothing)

Intestines Dream Explanation

Intestines Dream Explanation ? ? The body having been emptied of the bowels and the stomach washed: The dreamer will die, blessed by God, whether or not the bowels have been returned. ? A king or ruler ripping the bellies of his subjects: Their privacy will be invaded. If he took something from their stomach, he would seize their money. ? Seeing one?s belly ripped open and the bowels in their usual place:? (1) If childless, the dreamer will have a child.? (2) If poor, the dreamer will become self-sufficient or rich, as the bowels allude to children. ? Seeing one?s belly ripped open and the body empty: The dreamer?s home will be destroyed, he will be estranged, and his children will perish. If ill, he will die. ? Seeing someone else exhibiting his bowels: Dreadful dream, meaning that the two parties will have a dispute and scandalize each other.

Stomach Dream Explanation

Stomach Dream Explanation ? See Belly.

Pinch Dream Explanation

Pinch Dream Explanation ? (Bite off; Nip; Tweak) Pinching someone in a dream means envying him, or plotting to get some of his money which he will eventually get. Pinching someone in the butts in a dream means betraying him with his wife. Pinching someone in the belly in a dream means wishing to get some of his savings. Pinching someone in a dream means hurting him with words. Pinching or biting someone's hand in a dream may represent a snake bite, or a bite of a scorpion. Pinching someone's hand in a dream also means receiving unlawful money then incurring heavy losses, or it could mean paying a hefty fine.

Shirt Dream Explanation

Shirt Dream Explanation ? A wet shirt in a dream means obstacles in one's travels. If one's wet shirt dries in the dream, it means that his hurdles have been removed. Wearing a shirt without a collar, a pocket, buttons, or button holes in a dream means wearing one's shroud at the time of his preparation for burial. Wearing a shirt with stripes in a dream means travels, or it could mean performing a pilgrimage. Wearing a shirt that does not properly cover one's body in the dream means falling short in performing one's religious duties. Wearing a black shirt in a dream means sorrow, distress and worries.

Pregnancy Dream Explanation

Pregnancy Dream Explanation ? ? A boy under the age of puberty being pregnant: A reference to his father. ? A pregnant woman:? (1) Her wealth will increase, commensurate with the size of her belly.? (2) She will persevere till she makes the money she wants, which will grow constantly. She will be proud of her achievements and highly dignified and praised.? (3) Trouble, unhappiness, worries, and concealed matters. ? A girl under the age of puberty being pregnant: A reference to her mother.

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