Islamic dream interpretation of Brothers, Explanation & Meaning for Brothers dreams

Below Brothers dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Arm Dream Explanation

Arm Dream Explanation ? (Forearm; Limb; Member; Wing) One's two arms in a dream represent his two brothers, his two close friends, two sons or partners. If one sees a person with short arms in a dream, it means that he is courageous, generous and wondrous. One's arm in a dream represent his brother and supporter or a spiritual example he follows.

Abel Dream Explanation

Abel Dream Explanation ? Seeing Abel means:? (1) The dreamer will be envied and suffer from spite on the part of one?s enemy or be killed without having committed any crime.? (2) The dreamer will be the victim of an injustice.? (3) The dreamer will obey God, Who will bless him and send him to Paradise.? (4) The dreamer will face hardships and be weakened because of a woman or some relatives.? (5) The dreamer must beware of his brothers lest they kill him.


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Shoulder Dream Explanation

Shoulder Dream Explanation ? The shoulders symbolize brothers, a friend, a partner, or an employee of the dreamer. One shoulder is a woman. The side or flank of the shoulder is the dreamer?s beauty, but also his whims. Thick or beautifully covered shoulders herald a trip and powerful action. But for prisoners the same dream means that they will stay in jail for a long time, in view of their ability to carry their own shackles and heavy weights like rocks on their shoulder. ? Having an ailment in the shoulders: Brothers will be ill or die. ? The dreamer failing to see one of his shoulder: Will lose an eye.

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Hatred Dream Explanation

Hatred Dream Explanation ? Hatred is a bad dream, because it is the reverse of love and peace, which are blessings from God, and the reverse of blessings is hard ships. The reasoning is based on a verse in the Holy Quran: ?? and remember Allah?s favour unto you: how you were enemies and He made friendship between your hearts so that ye became as brothers by His grace?? (?Al-Imran? [The family of Imran], verse 103.)

File Dream Explanation

File Dream Explanation ? (Rasp; Tongue) A file in a dream represents one's tongue. It also means satisfying an innate need or giving a keen edge to an expression. It also represents a helper, a son who provides for the need of his mother or younger brothers and sisters. A file in a dream also represents demands, obligations, or sexual intercourse.

Emerald Dream Explanation

Emerald Dream Explanation ? The emerald, the beryl, and the peridot symbolize the polite, polished brothers and children, the good money made through honest gains, and the genuine and candid references to virtuous teachings and philanthropy. They could also refer to a devout, pious, and noble friend.

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House Dream Explanation

House Dream Explanation ? The house gate or door is the father of the family. The mortise and tenon symbolize the female and male sexual organs as they fit into each other. Locked together, they represent the husband embracing his wife. By extension, the mortise and tenon could also refer to the couple?s two children, a boy and a girl, to two brothers, or to two persons sharing the same house.

Bull Dream Explanation

Bull Dream Explanation ? ? Buying an ox: Will conceal the defaults of kind people and brothers by speaking in their favour. ? Talking to a bull or being addressed by an ox: Hostility to a man. ? A bull falling on an individual or killing him: The death of that person. ? Being bitten by a bull: Some ailment will come. ? An ox mooing at the dreamer: Will embark on a long journey. ? A bull coming out of a small hole and trying to return to it unsuccessfully: A major statement made by a man who tries to withdraw it but is unable to. ? Bull skin: Blessings for the owner of the bull.

Shield Dream Explanation

Shield Dream Explanation ? If seen together with a weapon it means protection against enemies. If seen alone it means he is an upright man who will afford protection to his brothers against evil and all sorts of harm.

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Shoulders Dream Explanation

Shoulders Dream Explanation ? One's shoulders in a dream also represent his parents, brothers, partners, one's station, or beauty. Anything that affects them in a dream will show in any of the above. Shoulders in a dream also represent one's partner, his employee, assistant, or a close friend. As for a prisoner, having large shoulders in a dream means serving a long term imprisonment. Aching shoulders in a dream may represent the sickness of one's brothers. Shoulders in a dream also represent one's child, or the weight and amount of responsibilities one can assume. (Also see Body; Ride)

Yusuf Dream Explanation

Yusuf Dream Explanation ? The prophet Yusuf? (Joseph) talking to the dreamer or giving him something: Will become an expert in the interpretation of dreams, as well as history and its chronology. ? Seeing Yusuf: (1) The science of dream interpretation. (2) Kingship and succession. (3) The loss of one?s family, children, and other relatives. (4) A machination against the dreamer. (5) Drought and high prices, as was the case in his time.63 (6) Prison and release from prison. (7) Luck with women, as Yusuf is said to have been of an unequalled beauty. (8) Victory over the enemy, followed by a pardon. (9) An allusion to seas, rivers, and drainage facilities.? (10) The transportation of the remains of dead persons from one country to another.? (11) An outstanding miracle such as the one that happened to Yusuf?s father when he recovered his eyesight and he received the shirt sent to him by his son.? (12) Will be the least lucky among his brothers, who will be so wicked as to let him go to jail, but he will then be saved by God, his brothers, will submit to his authority, and he will forgive them along with other enemies.

Emerald Dream Explanation

Emerald Dream Explanation ? Seeing an emerald in a dream denotes martyrdom or the blessings that are created for a believer in paradise. If one buys an emerald in a dream, it means that he will win a dear brother, associate himself with a group of righteous brothers on the path, raise well behaving children, acquire a useful knowledge, or earn lawful money.

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Yaaqoub Dream Explanation

Yaaqoub Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing The Prophet Yaaqoub? (Jacob):? (1) Will Become Strong And Obviously Rich And Be Blessed With Marriage And Mighty Children Who Will Bring The Dreamer Sorrow, Though, Of Which He Will Later Be Relieved And Rendered Happy? (2) Will come closer to God by worshiping and obeying Him and through charity.? (3) A plight will make the dreamer?s brothers feel sorry for him. He might even see his eyesight weakening or lose it completely, then recover it, by God?s will.? (4) Will have some sort of disease, receive a penalty, or face an ordeal because of a son, but all those will come to a happy ending.

Gehenna Dream Explanation

Gehenna Dream Explanation ? See Hell. GEMSTONE. ? A king seeing a gemstone: A dominion will be added to his realm. ? A woman seeing a gemstone: Will get married. ? A gemstone in a ring: Dignity, money, and other gifts from God. ? A gemstone in a bracelet or an anklet that loosens by shaking: The fate of brothers and relatives will be similar to the condition of the bracelet or anklet and the symbols that every gemstone represents. Gemstones, in general, symbolize procreation, money, a high post, livelihood, a servant, dignity, beauty through ornaments, and the secret of the profession.

Suitcase Dream Explanation

Suitcase Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a suitcase represents two brothers, two sons, partners, or perhaps it could mean travels. Having a suitcase, buying or receiving one as a gift in a dream means relief from difficulties. A suitcase in a dream also could represent an ambassador. (Also see Sack)

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The Front Two Teeth-Upper and Lower Dream Explanation

The Front Two Teeth-Upper and Lower Dream Explanation ? They symbolise a perbond children, brothers and sisters.

Hourglass Dream Explanation

Hourglass Dream Explanation ? (Sandglass) In a dream, the two bulbs of a sandglass represent two sons, or two brothers, or two partners. Whatever happens to them in the dream will reflect in such people. An hourglass in a dream also means makeup, beauty, or marriage. The sand trickling from the upper bulb into the lower bulb in a dream represents man's semen.

Eyelid Dream Explanation

Eyelid Dream Explanation ? They also represent one's teacher, brothers, sisters, family, wife, children, coffer, veil, guards, confidant or trustees. Eyelids in a dream also mean something to be overlooked. Having bleared eyelids in a dream means being in love. If one's eyes are interpreted to represent his wealth, then they mean protection, or paying alms tax. If the outer edge of the eyelid turns white in a dream, it means an illness affecting one's head, eyes or ears. (Also see Body)

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Eyebrows Dream Explanation

Eyebrows Dream Explanation ? Enhancing and beautifying the eyes. As for a man, his eyebrows represent his good nature and character, being handsome, religious, faithful, trustworthy, his status and esteem. In a dream, eyebrows also mean love and unity. If a woman sees her eyebrows thick or if they are joined together in the dream, it means that she is a person of good character. Eyebrows in a dream also represent one's parents, brothers, partners, associates or assistants.

Brothers dreams FAQs:

Seeing Brothers dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Brothers dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Brothers dream Refer to Brothers islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Brothers very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Brothers?

There are different meanings of Brothers dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Brothers dream Refer to above Brothers islamic dream interpretation.

What do Brothers symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Brothers dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Brothers dream Refer to above Brothers islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Brothers in dream?

Brothers dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Brothers dream Refer to above Brothers islamic dream explanations.

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