Islamic dream interpretation of Traveling abroad, Explanation & Meaning for Traveling abroad dreams

Below Traveling abroad dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Eye Dream Explanation

Eye Dream Explanation ? ? A person in a foreign land dreaming that he is completely blind: He will stay abroad till he dies. ? Seeing one?s eyes made of iron: The dreamer will be in deep trouble and the center of a scandal. ? Opening one?s eyes to see a certain person: That person will look into the dreamer?s plea and help him. ? Staring angrily at someone: The dreamer will have spite for that person. ? Hearing with one?s eyes and seeing with one?s ears: The dreamer is inciting his family and daughter to commit sins. ? Seeing the eye of a man or an animal in one?s palm: The dreamer will get plenty of money. ? Looking at an eye and liking it: The dreamer will do something harmful to his religion. ? The heart having an eye or eyes: Religious devotion inasmuch as they were bright. ? Squinting: The dreamer is eyeing women with lust.

Flour Dream Explanation

Flour Dream Explanation ? Wheat or corn flour symbolizes whatever money the dreamer has amassed. It also refers to his children and other persons he supports. ? Baking wheat or corn flour: Will visit relatives abroad. ? Baking barley flour: The dreamer is a true believer, will triumph over enemies and will earn a fortune and a high post. ? Flour paste: Honest and quick business gains if it fermented. If it does not, it means corruption or that things will go wrong and the dreamer will experience financial hardships. If it turns sour, the subject is about to lose everything.


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Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation

Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation ? ? Resuscitation of a brother: The dreamer?s weakness will turn into strength in view of the following verses: ? (My Lord), appoint for me a henchman from my folk, Harun [Aaron], my brother. Confirm my strength with him.?? (?Ta-Ha?, verses 29?31.) ? Resuscitation of a sister: An absent one will return from abroad, bringing joy, owing to the Quranic verse that reads: ?And she said unto his sister: Trace him. So she sighted him from afar, whereas they perceived not?? (?Al-Qasas? [The Requital, verse 11) . ? Resuscitation of an uncle or an aunt: Return or revival of a matter that had gone out of the dreamer?s hands.

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Moon Dream Explanation

Moon Dream Explanation ? ? A sick person seeing the moon at the beginning of the? (Islamic) month descending on him or coming to him: Will recover. ? A sick person seeing the moon descending on him or coming to him according to the shape of the moon: The remaining days in the month represent the days, months, or years? (depending on other signs in the dream) left for him to live. ? A crescent descending on a person at the beginning of the month: An absent one will return from a trip. ? The moon descending on a person at the end of the month: Will be estranged or stay abroad. ? The moon seen on the dreamer?s knees or in his hand: Will marry someone as bright as the moonlight. ? The moon rising in the sky: A process has been initiated? (something the dreamer is trying to achieve). ? The moon disappearing: It is too late for whatever the dreamer is asking or striving for.

Shield Dream Explanation

Shield Dream Explanation ? (Armor; Coat of mail) Abroad piece carried by warriors for their protection during their fight. In a dream, a shield means a faithful but an arguing friend. It also represents a well-mannered and a true person, or a sincere person who protects his friends and helps them. A valuable shield in a dream represents a beautiful and a wealthy wife, or any female acquaintance or relative. If the shield is worthless in the dream, then it means the opposite. (Also see Armor)

Navel Dream Explanation

Navel Dream Explanation ? The navel symbolizes the man?s wife, woman, or sweetheart from among his maids or slaves. It also refers to his enthusiasm. ? Seeing one?s navel: The dreamer will return from abroad. ? A person whose parents are alive dreaming that his navel is in bad shape: His parents are ill. If his parents are no more, the dream is a reference to their country of origin. ? Having pain in the navel: The dreamer is mistreating his wife.

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Head Dream Explanation

Head Dream Explanation ? In case the one who had cut off the head was identified, relief would come at the hand of such a person. If that person was a child below the age of puberty or if the dreamer was ill for a long time, relief would be followed by death. However, the same dream made by someone who is neither ill nor indebted, nor worried, nor at war would mean that the dreamer will no longer be prosperous and will be abandoned by his chief and his power will wane. ? A king beheading the dreamer: The king is God, Who will save the dreamer from his trouble and help him out. ? A king severing the heads of his subjects: That king will grant an amnesty to convicts. ? Carrying the head in one?s hand: Good dream for a childless person or one who cannot go abroad.

Asylum Dream Explanation

Asylum Dream Explanation ? ? Being in the asylum amid sick people: Will go to jail for some legal matters. ? Being in the asylum with the mad: Will be imprisoned with criminals. ? A person in good health dreaming of being in a sanatorium: Will be ill. ? A sick person dreaming of being in a madhouse:? (1) Prolonged illness.? (2) Will die estranged, abroad, or as a martyr.? (3) For a poor person, it means that he will have enough welfare and prosperity to make him independent and no longer in need of anything from anyone.

Archangels Dream Explanation

Archangels Dream Explanation ? Jibril? (Gabriel) Seeing Jibril: ? Will embark on a journey to seek knowledge abroad and return successfully. In modern terms, will study and graduate from abroad. ? Will triumph over enemies. ? Will promote virtue and combat vice. ? Being hostile to Jibril or arguing with him: Will arouse God?s wrath and anger and concur with non-Muslims. ? Taking food from Jibril: Will deserve Paradise. ? Jibril looking sad and worried: Will encounter hardships and be punished, for Gabriel is not only the Archangel of Knowledge and Learning but of Chastisement as well. ? Jibril appearing in a city or village: Abundance and cheaper prices, because he is the Archangel of Mercy, too.

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Head Dream Explanation

Head Dream Explanation ? ? Hanging upside-down in front of a crowd: The dreamer has done something wrong, feels sorry about it, and is repenting, but will live long, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: ?He whom We bring unto old age, We reverse him in creation? (making him go back to weakness after strength). Have ye then no sense??? (?Ya-Sin,? verse 68.) ? One?s head being reversed:? (1) If planning a trip, there will be a hindrance, but the trip will take place at a later time.? (2) If already abroad, will return to the homeland but a bit late, unintentionally. ? A cold sore and pain in the head or neck: An epidemic will strike the people. ? Seeing oneself with a dog head, a donkey head, a horse head, or the head of any domestic animal: Will suffer from vexation, trouble, fatigue, and servitude. ? Seeing oneself with the head of an elephant, a lion, a tiger, or a wolf: The dreamer is handling matters beyond his capacity or surpassing himself, but not without success, and he will rise to the top and subdue his enemies.

Birds Dream Explanation

Birds Dream Explanation ? The nature of birds is to fly. Therefore, the one towards whom a bird is associated may be said to be traveling very often and widely.

Thigh Dream Explanation

Thigh Dream Explanation ? The thigh symbolizes the person?s clan or tribe. ? One?s thigh having been severed: The dreamer will be separated from his folk and die abroad because, says Ibn Siren, once the thigh has been amputated, it can never be returned? (a view challenged by modern science). ? One?s two thighs made of brass or copper: The dreamer?s folk are intrepid sinners.

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Traveling abroad dreams FAQs:

Seeing Traveling abroad dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Traveling abroad dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Traveling abroad dream Refer to Traveling abroad islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Traveling abroad very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Traveling abroad?

There are different meanings of Traveling abroad dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Traveling abroad dream Refer to above Traveling abroad islamic dream interpretation.

What do Traveling abroad symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Traveling abroad dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Traveling abroad dream Refer to above Traveling abroad islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Traveling abroad in dream?

Traveling abroad dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Traveling abroad dream Refer to above Traveling abroad islamic dream explanations.

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