Islamic dream interpretation of Riding bus, Explanation & Meaning for Riding bus dreams

Below Riding bus dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Elephant Dream Explanation

Elephant Dream Explanation ? ? Riding an elephant with a saddle and driving it at will:? (1) Will marry the daughter of a foreign giant.? (2) Business will prosper. ? A bachelor riding an elephant:? (1) Will get married, possibly to a foreign woman.? (2) Will board a ship or the like. ? Seeing an elephant anywhere other than in India: Hardships and terror. ? Herding elephants: Will befriend foreign rulers.

Mule Dream Explanation

Mule Dream Explanation ? The mule with its saddle, reins, and other equipment is a beautiful woman of letters but of low origin. It might also symbolize a barren or childless woman. Every time she has a child, he will die. ? A gray mule: A beautiful woman. ? A green mule: A virtuous lady who will live long. ? Riding on a black mule: A rich and childless woman who wields tremendous power.? (Paradoxically, the words black and master in Arabic are homonyms.) ? Riding someone else?s mule: Will flirt or sleep with someone else?s woman. ? Riding on a mule backward: A sinful woman. ? A mule with its pack saddle and necessary gear: A reference to travel. ? A talking mule or horse: Extraordinary welfare is ahead and people will talk about it. ? Owning a pregnant mule: You wish to increase your wealth. ? A mule having delivered: A wish will be fulfilled. ? Riding on a submissive mule above the load it is already carrying on its back: Good augury and righteousness or reform.


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Ride Dream Explanation

Ride Dream Explanation ? Riding over the shoulder of another man and forcing him to accept it in a dream represents one's funeral, and it means that the other person will have no choice but to carry the coffin. If the person carrying him in the dream is willingly doing so, then it means that he will care for his needs and bear his encumbrance. Riding over someone's shoulders in a dream also means facing an major adversity.

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Elephant Dream Explanation

Elephant Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing an elephant and failing to ride it: Prestige and fortune will decline. Conversely, riding it, especially by night, means that the dreamer, if eligible, will triumph over a huge but niggardly king? (or chief). If the dreamer is not eligible, the same dream would indicate that the dreamer will enter a war but be defeated or get killed in it, in view of the following verses in the Holy Quran: ?Hast thou not seen how thy Lord dealt with the owners of the Elephant? Did He not bring their stratagem to naught.?? (?Al-Fil? [The Elephant], verses 01?02.) ? Riding an elephant by day: Will divorce one?s wife and sustain harm in the process.

Camel Dream Explanation

Camel Dream Explanation ? ? Riding a camel in the city center or failing to make it move: Worries, sorrow and such troubles as would cripple the dreamer and prevent him from rising or moving, like going to jail or falling ill. ? A revolutionary dreaming of riding a camel in the city center or failing to make it move: Will get caught and perish, especially if he was wearing a showy dress. ? A sick person dreaming that he will travel on a camel: Will die. ? A woman dreaming of riding on a camel:? (1) If single, will get married.? (2) The absent husband will come back unless there are signs of notoriety and scandals in the dream, in which case it should be taken at face value.

Ride Dream Explanation

Ride Dream Explanation ? ? Riding poorly: Will act whimsically. ? Riding on the neck of a human being: Will die and the ridden person will carry the dreamer?s coffin or attend his funeral. It also symbolizes difficult matters. If the rider falls from that neck, the matter being pursued will not be achieved. ? Riding an animal? (horse, donkey, camel, et cetera): Dignity and fulfilment of desires. ? Riding well and controlling the beast: Will overcome whims and passion and achieve goals.

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Horse Dream Explanation

Horse Dream Explanation ? ? Riding, in general, is good only on earth or in horses tracks. Therefore, riding a horse on the wall, on the roof, or in a sanctuary would be a bad omen, except if it was a winged horse flying between heaven and earth. The latter case would mean dignity in life, travel, and deep religious faith. ? A piebald or spotted horse means fame. A fair-haired one could mean either sorrow or victory, because ?the angels horses were blond,? asserts Ibn Siren. A man told Ibn Siren he dreamed that he was on a horse with iron lances. ?Then you should expect death,? said the great interpreter.

Camel Dream Explanation

Camel Dream Explanation ? ? Riding on a she-camel: Will marry. ? Driving a she-camel: Wife will be obedient. ? Riding on a milky she-camel: A virtuous woman. ? Riding on a she-camel so fast that she sends pebbles from under her feet like projectiles: Will travel by land. ? A docked she-camel or one whose wool has been shaved: Could be intercepted by bandits while on a journey.

Lion Dream Explanation

Lion Dream Explanation ? ? Riding on a lion?s back: Will ride on a high tide, either by travelling by sea in the inappropriate season when the sea is in fury or by succeeding or outsmarting the ruler. The dreamer might also be facing a situation wherein he stands helpless, hence the wishful dream. ? Riding on a subdued or perfectly obedient lion: Will have the upper hand in a feud with a tyrant. ? Riding on a lion but being afraid of it: Harm will befall the dreamer, or he will face some hard test. ? Fighting a lion: Will fight an enemy, a ruler, the authority, or whatever the lion stands for. ? Killing a lion: The end of all sorrows. ? Being overpowered by a lion: Will have a fever because, says Ibn Siren, the lion is known to be feverish.

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Zebra Dream Explanation

Zebra Dream Explanation ? To some interpreters, the zebra symbolizes a man; therefore dreaming of it means hostility toward a mean person of very low origin. Others think that it symbolizes money. ? Seeing a zebra from afar: Money will come back. ? Riding on a zebra: Will go astray, spread injustice, and turn hostile to Muslims. ? Riding a docile and obedient zebra: Committing a sin. ? Riding an insubordinate zebra that runs wild: Will experience hardships, worries, and fear while committing a sin.

Riding an Elephant in Battle Dream Explanation

Riding an Elephant in Battle Dream Explanation ? He will gain victory over his enemy in battle.

Donkey Dream Explanation

Donkey Dream Explanation ? (Ass; Obstinate person; Steadfastness) In a dream, a donkey means a boy, a child, a wife, livelihood, a man of knowledge without work, or it could mean travels. Riding a donkey in a dream also may mean easing of one's difficulties. Riding any animal without the required saddling in a dream means imposition upon oneself or others or unnecessary and inadequate going out of one's way. Riding a donkey or a mule in a dream also represents one's ornaments, children, a rich wife, wealth or a profitable business. The braying of a donkey, a mule or a mare in a dream may mean evil, excruciating trouble, an illegitimate child born from adultery or evil spirits. Riding a big donkey in a dream connotes a respectable rank.

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Riding a Lion Dream Explanation

Riding a Lion Dream Explanation ? Riding a lion and directing it to go wherever one pleases means one will soon be endowed with power and one's enemy will soon be subdued.

Mule Dream Explanation

Mule Dream Explanation ? An obstinate mule in a dream represents a cunning person. Riding a mule in a dream also means having a dispute with someone. A weak mule who cannot be controlled in a dream represents a niggardly and a wicked person. Riding on top of loads a mule is carrying, and if the mule is consenting in a dream means controlling one's environment.

Hyena Dream Explanation

Hyena Dream Explanation ? In dreams, the hyena is an unjust enemy who likes to make people mad and who is a tactician. But it could also represent a humiliated and deprived enemy. The female is an evil woman, lewd, obscene, and foolish; an old witch or a woman whose father is of better origin than the mother, who could have been a slave. The hair, flesh, and bones of a she-hyena symbolize money. ? Riding on a hyena: Power and influence. ? Riding or owning a she-hyena: Will befriend a woman matching the above descriptions. ? Throwing an arrow at a she-hyena: Exchange of words and messages with such a woman.

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Cow Dream Explanation

Cow Dream Explanation ? ? A bachelor acquiring a cow: Will marry a blessed woman. ? Riding on a cow:? (1) Will get married.? (2) Wife will die and will inherit from her. ? Riding on an identified cow: Richness and escape from trouble and all sorts of worry. ? Entering one?s own house on a cow?s back and tying her there: Will obtain a fortune, coupled with plenty of joy and the end of worries, especially if her color was black. Conversely, if she hit the dreamer with her horns, the dreamer would lose and never be safe from his family and relatives. ? Having sex with a cow: Will enjoy a year of undue prosperity.

Shoulders Dream Explanation

Shoulders Dream Explanation ? (Friend; Responsibility; Support) Riding over the shoulders of one's enemy in a dream means committing a wrongdoing or a shameful act against someone. If there is no enmity between the two, and if one sees himself riding over the shoulders of his friend in a dream, it means that he will earn something from him. Carrying someone over one's shoulders in a dream means being indebted to him. Carrying a hypocrite over one's shoulders in a dream could mean that one may work at a lumberyard, or deliver wood for living.

Riding a Tiger Dream Explanation

Riding a Tiger Dream Explanation ? One will attain dignity, honour and happiness. A strong and powerful opponent will be subdued.

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Camel Dream Explanation

Camel Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing camels without saddles or ornaments or proceeding along the road: Clouds and rain. ? One camel: A man; if Arab, an Arab man, et cetera. ? A camel with a pedigree: A traveller, a sheikh, or a famous man. ? Owning a camel: Will overpower strong and influential men. ? Riding an Arab camel: Will go to Mecca (Makkah) for the pilgrimage. ? A healthy person dreaming of riding on a camel: Will travel.

Riding bus dreams FAQs:

Seeing Riding bus dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Riding bus dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Riding bus dream Refer to Riding bus islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Riding bus very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Riding bus?

There are different meanings of Riding bus dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Riding bus dream Refer to above Riding bus islamic dream interpretation.

What do Riding bus symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Riding bus dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Riding bus dream Refer to above Riding bus islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Riding bus in dream?

Riding bus dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Riding bus dream Refer to above Riding bus islamic dream explanations.

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