Islamic dream interpretation of Contract, Explanation & Meaning for Contract dreams

Commutative contract Dream Explanation

Commutative contract Dream Explanation ? (Compensate; Interchange; Substitute) To substitute something for something better in a dream means an adversity and a distressful offense one chooses to bear with patience, contentment and accepts it as his fate until Allah Almighty removes it and replaces it with a greater reward in this world and in the hereafter. (Also see Compensation)

Rice pudding Dream Explanation

Rice pudding Dream Explanation ? In a dream, rice pudding means celebrations, a reception, a wedding, a contract, knowledge, or prosperity.

Witness Dream Explanation

Witness Dream Explanation ? (Eyewitness; Legitimacy; Testify; Truth) An eyewitness in a dream means triumphing over one's enemy, testifying to the truth and refuting falsehood. If one sees himself as a true signing witness to an agreement in a dream, it means that he will triumph over his enemies. If one sees himself witnessing a contract or putting his seal on a testimony in a dream, it means that he will loan money to the second party in the contract. If one sees himself bearing a true testimony before someone and against the other in a dream, it means that he will attend the pilgrimage in Mecca.

Tying a knot Dream Explanation

Tying a knot Dream Explanation ? (See Contract)

Substitute Dream Explanation

Substitute Dream Explanation ? (See Commutative contract)

Liaison Dream Explanation

Liaison Dream Explanation ? (See Connections; Contract; Knot)

Write Dream Explanation

Write Dream Explanation ? If he fails to complete his book or his letter in the dream, it means that something will hamper , or stand in the way of completing his project. Writing with the left hand in a dream means indulging in loathsome actions, going astray, or perhaps having a son who is born from adultery, or it could mean that one may become a poet. Signing a deed, a check or a legal contract in a dream means failing to fulfill an agreement. If one sees someone he knows drafting a contract between them in a dream, it means that the other person will defraud him, mislead him in a business deal and drive him astray.

Emptiness Dream Explanation

Emptiness Dream Explanation ? In a dream, emptiness represents the dwellings of a foreigner. It may also represent breach of contract, betrayal, death of a sick person, rest after exhaustion or peace after bewilderment. (Also see Deserted)

Compensate Dream Explanation

Compensate Dream Explanation ? (See Commutative contract; Coughing)

Prenuptial agreement Dream Explanation

Prenuptial agreement Dream Explanation ? (See Contract; Dower)

Interlocking one's hands Dream Explanation

Interlocking one's hands Dream Explanation ? (Intertwine) In a dream, interlocking one's hands means a partnership, a contract, marriage, stagnation, stillness of business, delinquency in one's prayers, negligence of one's duties, difficulties with one's family, or a meeting that purports evil.

Tie Dream Explanation

Tie Dream Explanation ? (Bond; Knot) A tie in a dream represents longevity, old age and the possible bending of one's back. (Also see Band; Bond; Captivated; Contract; Fond; Knot; Untying something)

Bond Dream Explanation

Bond Dream Explanation ? (See Contract; Knot; Friendship; Kinship; Relationships)

Interlacing Dream Explanation

Interlacing Dream Explanation ? (See Contract)

Interchange Dream Explanation

Interchange Dream Explanation ? (See Commutative contract)

Marriage Dream Explanation

Marriage Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing a woman taking a second husband can have three interpretations:? (1) If she is pregnant, she will give birth to a girl.? (2) The lady is trying to get her daughter married.? (3) Dispute over marriage between the lady and her husband. ? Marriage contract involving an unidentified woman: Death, if the bride-groom is ill. Otherwise, it means that the dreamer will sign a contract that will bring him power or will testify against a dead person. Because women symbolize power, penetration is tantamount to killing and the penis is likened to a dagger or a spear stab that causes bloodshed. ? The dreamer marrying another?s wife and taking her to him: Loss of dignity and livelihood.

Breach of a contract Dream Explanation

Breach of a contract Dream Explanation ? (Betrayal; Death; Emptiness)

Twisting a rope Dream Explanation

Twisting a rope Dream Explanation ? If the twisting of the rope or the thread is easy in the dream, it means that one's endeavor is free from constraint. If one sees himself plucking the hair of his beard and twisting it like a rope in a dream, it means that he will receive a bribe to make a false testimony in court. Twisting a rope or a thread in a dream also could mean signing a contract, establishing a partnership in a business, or signing a marriage contract. (Also see Beard; Twist)

Zircon Dream Explanation

Zircon Dream Explanation ? (Gem; Mineral; Ring; Stone) In a dream, zircon represents unity and affection between husband and wife, or it could mean a contract between two partners, or reconciliation between two enemies, or it could represent the correctness of one's faith. (Also see Stone)

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There are different meanings of Contract dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Contract dream Refer to above Contract islamic dream interpretation.

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