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Below Depression dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Haunted by evil spirits Dream Explanation

Haunted by evil spirits Dream Explanation ? (Possessed) If one sees himself haunted or possessed by evil spirits in a dream, it means that he engages in usury, performs secrets arts, or that he may lose his wealth to become unhappy, or to suffer from stress or depression.

Hot water Dream Explanation

Hot water Dream Explanation ? Washing one's dirt with hot water in a dream means benefits. Drinking hot water from the boiler in a dream means sickness, stress, depression, or a scare by evil spirits. (Also see Bathhouse; Drink; Hot)

Retreat Dream Explanation

Retreat Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a spiritual retreat represents devotion, prayers, hunger, votive fast, depression, humbling oneself, controlling one's passions and desires. If one secludes himself in a known location in a dream, it means that such a place is a source of comfort. If one takes refuge in his shop in a dream, it means clinging to one's livelihood. (Also see Hermitage; Temple)

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Itikaf Dream Explanation

Itikaf Dream Explanation ? (arb. Retreat; Seclusion) In a dream, it represents a spiritual retreat, prayers, hunger, fast, depression, humbling oneself, controlling one's passions and desires. (Also see Retreat)

Turkish bath Dream Explanation

Turkish bath Dream Explanation ? (Bathhouse; Rest room; Sauna; Steam room; Sweat room) Seeing the attendant of a public bath facility in a dream means paying one's debts, dispelling one's problems, ending one's difficulties and washing oneself from sin. On the other hand, seeing him in a dream also could mean depression or a sickness.

Seafood restaurant Dream Explanation

Seafood restaurant Dream Explanation ? (Fish) In a dream, a seafood restaurant represents adversities, fights, evil, stress, depression, or relief from difficulties. (Also see Fishery)

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Lentil Dream Explanation

Lentil Dream Explanation ? (Sprout) In a dream, lentils represent lawful money if sprouted, or they could mean depression, or earning loathsome money.

Linen merchant Dream Explanation

Linen merchant Dream Explanation ? (Linen shop) A linen merchant in a dream represents trials with women, depression, distress, toiling, adversities and humiliation.

Depression Dream Explanation

Depression Dream Explanation ? (Dejection; Melancholy; Sadness) In a dream, depression signifies the opposite. That is to say joy, happiness and celebrations. However, if one sees his friends depressed in a dream, it means suffering the same in wakefulness. Depression in a dream also denotes an illness or sufferings caused by one's own family, or it could mean imposition, forfeiture of business, cancellation of interest receivable, or perhaps it could mean business stagnation. Should any of that be true in wakefulness, then witnessing such a depression in a dream could mean relief. Depression in a dream could mean either happiness or distress.

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Overcoat Dream Explanation

Overcoat Dream Explanation ? (Cap; Coat; Capote) Wearing an overcoat in a dream means strength and support. Wearing a decorated ceremonial overcoat in a dream signifies power, dispelling depression, or satisfaction of one's needs. (Also see Cap; Coat; Raincoat)

Blue Dream Explanation

Blue Dream Explanation ? (Color) In a dream, the color blue represents distress, depression, enmity, or a calamity. (Also see Colors)

Evanescence Dream Explanation

Evanescence Dream Explanation ? (Annihilation; Disappearing; Non-existence) To vanish or be nonexistent in a dream means depression, nullifying all banknotes during a war, cancelling all interests and credits, a bad harvest, a plague, or it could mean a disaster. To be non-existent for the people of the path in a dream signifies an everlasting existence. (Also see Disappearing)

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Strangulation Dream Explanation

Strangulation Dream Explanation ? (Hanging) If one strangles himself with his own hands, or if he hangs himself with a rope which he attaches to the ceiling in a dream, it means that he is sufferings from depression, distress, or sorrow. It also could mean that he will not reside in his present house, or in the place where he saw himself strangled. The same interpretation goes for seeing oneself suffering from asphyxia. (Also see Suffocation)

Grease Dream Explanation

Grease Dream Explanation ? (Lubrication; Oil) In a dream, grease is a sign of distress or depression. If one sees himself smearing his hair with excess grease, and if grease starts to run over his face in a dream, it means adversities, burdens and a painful depression. If it is a normal quantity, then it means beautifying oneself. If the grease smells bad in the dream, it means sarcastic praises equivalent to the degree of its stench, or it could represent a prostitute, or an insolent man. Rubbing oneself with mercury or a fragrant cream mixed with musk in a dream means hearing favorable praises and earning a good reputation.

Lowland Dream Explanation

Lowland Dream Explanation ? (Basin; Cavity; Depression) Walking through a lowland in a dream means suffering from adverse conditions, or it could mean depression and hoping to reach a time of recovery.

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Guarding post Dream Explanation

Guarding post Dream Explanation ? (Dwellings; Niche) In a dream, a guarding post represents a spiritual retreat, a votive seclusion, prayers, hunger, fast, depression, humbling oneself, controlling one's passions and desires.

Flowers Dream Explanation

Flowers Dream Explanation ? Flowers in a dream are a sign of joy and benefits. If one sees himself crowned with a garland of flowers in the dream, it means that he will get married, enjoy his marital life excessively and take pleasure in experiencing his success in this world. Seeing flowers out of season in a dream means depression.

Weakness Dream Explanation

Weakness Dream Explanation ? Weakness in a dream means strength. However, of one sees himself debilitated or emaciated, then it means weakness of his faith, failure to perform one's religious obligations, sterility, impotence, or sorrow and depression.

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Smell Dream Explanation

Smell Dream Explanation ? Smelling a sweet fragrance in a dream means uneasiness or a light illness. Smelling a bad odor in a dream means hearing or speaking bad words, or it could mean distress or depression.

Dejection Dream Explanation

Dejection Dream Explanation ? (See Depression)

Depression dreams FAQs:

Seeing Depression dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Depression dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Depression dream Refer to Depression islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Depression very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Depression?

There are different meanings of Depression dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Depression dream Refer to above Depression islamic dream interpretation.

What do Depression symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Depression dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Depression dream Refer to above Depression islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Depression in dream?

Depression dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Depression dream Refer to above Depression islamic dream explanations.


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