Islamic dream interpretation of Driver, Explanation & Meaning for Driver dreams

Below Driver dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Copulation Dream Explanation

Copulation Dream Explanation ? (Breed; Farm; Raise) If one sees himself driving a male animal to copulate with a female animal in a dream, it means a good harvest for that year. (Also see Driver)

Driver Dream Explanation

Driver Dream Explanation ? (Transportation) In a dream, a driver signifies travels, a marketplace, a carrier, or driving toward good or evil for one who is intending that. (Also see Car; Carrier)

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Transportation Dream Explanation

Transportation Dream Explanation ? (See Car; Driver)

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Captain Dream Explanation

Captain Dream Explanation ? Seeing a captain of a sea vessel, or the pilot of an airplane in a dream signifies distant travels, a business, or profits. (Also see Camel driver)

Mule driver Dream Explanation

Mule driver Dream Explanation ? (Muleteer) A muleteer in a dream represents a policeman, a sheriff, a businessman, or business success. (Also see Carrier)

Reins Dream Explanation

Reins Dream Explanation ? If the reins of one's horse are broken in a dream, it could mean the death of his driver. Reins in a dream also denote chastity, guardianship and protection. They also represent the obligatory payment of alms tax which cleanses and protects one's capital. If the reins or the harness fall from one's hand in the dream, it means corruption in one's religious life, a decline in his devotion, or that one's wife will become unlawful to him (i.e., living together after a divorce), or that she will remain in his house without a legal marriage. To see oneself bridled in a dream also means refraining from sin, or observing a voluntary religious fast. A broken bridle in a dream is good for one who service it and bad for its owner. (Also see Bridle)

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Procurer Dream Explanation

Procurer Dream Explanation ? (See Driver; Ponderer; Pimp)

Driver Dream Explanation

Driver Dream Explanation ? (Animal driver; Grooming; Tending; Stableman) An animal driver in a dream represents a leader, a president of a group or corporations or a wealthy person. In general, seeing a groomer, an attendant, a driver or a stableman in a dream denotes a bad dream and implies impetuousness, a pimp, a procurer, a pander, an officiant, an adulterer, or one who drives a chained male animal to copulate with a female animal. (Also see Copulation)

Impetuousness Dream Explanation

Impetuousness Dream Explanation ? (See Driver)

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Porter Dream Explanation

Porter Dream Explanation ? (Carrier; Carrying weight; Burdens; Forbearance; Serving others) In a dream, a porter or a carrier represents a school bus driver who is entrusted with bringing the children to school, then taking them back home. Whatever appearance he shows in the dream, it will indicate the mental state of the school bus driver. A porter in a dream also represents someone who is carrying his own sins and burdens. To see oneself as a porter in a dream means doing penance. If a porter enters before a sick person in a dream, it means recovering from an illness. (Also see Tithe collector)

Reins Dream Explanation

Reins Dream Explanation ? (Bridle; Harness) In a dream, reins represent mastery of one's craft, control of his trade, or it could signify power and a strong financial standing. Reins in a dream also represent a coachman, or the driver who never disobeys his master, and who goes wherever he is told to go. Riding on a workhorse who is fitted with a harness, or on a bridled nag in a dream means occupying an important office and letting everyone who works for the leader make an oath of allegiance before hiring them for work. If the bridle and the martingale are unadorned in the dream, then such a dream represents a humble person, and connotes that his heart is better than what his outer look may suggest. Reins in a dream also connote safety or a safety belt. Wearing a harness in a dream means safety, and that one does not interfere with others business or talk about them. However, should one who has to appear in court see himself wearing a harness in a dream, it means that his proof will not be accepted by the judge, and subsequently he will lose his case.

Muleteer Dream Explanation

Muleteer Dream Explanation ? (See Mule driver)

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Stableman Dream Explanation

Stableman Dream Explanation ? (Barn; Cattle-ranching; Fodder; Forage) In a dream, a stableman represents a rich and a generous person who is known for his good deeds. Seeing a stableman in a dream also means managing one's business, showing kindness to others, distributing charity, helping foreigners, assisting travellers, turning one's attention to slothful people, or feeding the homeless. (Also see Driver)

Carrier Dream Explanation

Carrier Dream Explanation ? (Driver; Mail carrier; Messenger; Renter) In a dream, a carrier means that one will recover from an illness, or fall into one, pay for his sins, carry burdens, endure sufferings, or bring comfort to others. A carrier in a dream also represents a forerunner, a guardian, a mail carrier, or a police officer.

Seaman Dream Explanation

Seaman Dream Explanation ? (Captain; Mariner; Sailor) In a dream, a seaman or the captain of a ship represents a jailor, a ghetto leader, a coach driver, a minister, an army general, a manager, a mediator, or a carrier.

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Pander Dream Explanation

Pander Dream Explanation ? (See Driver; Panderer; Pimp)

Panderer Dream Explanation

Panderer Dream Explanation ? (Bully; Cadet; Pimp; Procurer) Seeing oneself as a panderer, or a pimp, but failing to see an accompanying prostitute in the dream represents a door to door salesman. Pandering in a dream also means giving a false testimony. (Also See Driver 1; Primp)

Camel driver Dream Explanation

Camel driver Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a camel driver represents a manager, a guide, a sailor, the captain of the ship, travels, or death of a sick person.

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Driver dreams FAQs:

Seeing Driver dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Driver dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Driver dream Refer to Driver islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Driver very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Driver?

There are different meanings of Driver dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Driver dream Refer to above Driver islamic dream interpretation.

What do Driver symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Driver dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Driver dream Refer to above Driver islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Driver in dream?

Driver dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Driver dream Refer to above Driver islamic dream explanations.

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