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Vice-regent Dream Explanation

Vice-regent Dream Explanation ? (Caliph; Caliphate; Deputy; Human being; Minister; Ruler; Secretary of state; Vizier) In a dream, a vice-regent represents someone whom people seek for his knowledge, or to learn the mastery of his craft, or he could represent an appointed justice of the peace. He also represents someone who inherits good and bad qualities, or whose character is different privately from the way he portrays himself in public. If one sees the vice-regent of the land in a stately appearance, or if he sees himself in such a form in a dream, it denotes his good state in this world and his success in the hereafter. Seeing him wearing an unsuitable garment in a dream reflects one's own state, or it may mean that his current religious state is weak, though it may become better at a latter stage of his life.

An Old Woman Dream Explanation

An Old Woman Dream Explanation ? If unknown, she symbolises the current year. If she is beautiful, the year will bring good fortune. If ugly, the year will prove a disaster.

A Young Girl Dream Explanation

A Young Girl Dream Explanation ? If she is not known to him, she symbolises his current year. Further, if she is beautiful and healthy and she is seen speaking to him or giving him something or he sees himself hugging her or making love to her or having intercourse with her it means the current year will prove profitable and fruitful for him. It not beautiful, the year will prove a disaster.

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Fan Dream Explanation

Fan Dream Explanation ? (Air blower; Comfort; Cooler; Current; Oscillator; Wind) A fan in a dream means comfort, relief from adversities and prosperity after poverty. In a dream, a fan also represents one's wife, child, money, travels, or a person about whom people generally feel good. In a dream, a fan also represents a mistress, pride, or attachment to something or to someone one thinks that he cannot live without.

Lamp Dream Explanation

Lamp Dream Explanation ? (Candle; Flame; Light; Torch) If a pregnant woman sees herself carrying a lamp in a dream, it means that she will beget a son. As for a sick person, a lamp represents his life. If the lamp is dimmed in the dream, it means his death. If one sees himself repairing a lamp in a dream, it means that he will recover from an illness. A lamp with a weak battery, or low electrical current represents health problems for a pregnant woman. A strong lamp that lights one's entire house denotes righteousness in that house. If one turns off the light in his house in a dream, it denotes the suspicious character of the owner, his financial troubles, his death, the death of a father, a mother, a wife, a child or a sick person.

Omar Dream Explanation

Omar Dream Explanation ? If one sees him frowning in a dream, it means that Omar is calling for justice, commanding what is good and forbidding what is evil. If there is a drought in a town and one sees Omar in a dream, it means that rain will fall and be a blessing for that land. If there is tyranny in that land and one sees Omar in his dream, it means that justice will prevail. If Omar hits someone with a stick, or warns him, or threatens him in a dream, it means that one must renounce the course of his current actions or deviation from Allah's path, or perhaps that someone in authority or a scholar will persecute him. If one sees himself being Omar in a dream, or if he wears one of his garments in a dream, it means that he will be awarded honor, a dignified status, or die as a martyr.

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A Cow Dream Explanation

A Cow Dream Explanation ? It symbolises the current year or a woman.

Mosque Dream Explanation

Mosque Dream Explanation ? The caller to prayers (Muezzin) represents the judge or a gnostic from that town or country who calls people to the right path and whose call is harkened to by the believer. The doors of a mosque in a dream represent the trustees and guards who shelter people from outside attacks. If one sees any of that in a dream, or whatever condition these elements are in, they represent the current condition of the people, and this is what the central mosque represents in one's dream. If one sees grass growing inside a mosque in a dream, then it means a wedding. (Also see Imam; Kabah; Masjid; Minaret; Minbar; Muezzin)

Quranic verses Dream Explanation

Quranic verses Dream Explanation ? Reading or listening to Quranic verses in a dream may carry needed interpretations related to one's current studies of Allah's holy Book. If they indicate verses of mercy in the dream, it means that he will receive it, and if they carry admonition in the dream, and unless one immediately repents, they mean a punishment for one's sins. (Also see Pearl necklace)

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Wedding Dream Explanation

Wedding Dream Explanation ? ? On the contrary, a wedding party in which dancing or any form of entertainment takes place heralds a tragedy. A particularly bad omen is the zaghrouda, the strident, long-drawn, and trilling shrill produced by Arab women by moving the tongue with the rapidity of the drumstick of an electric bell as a manifestation of joy. One zaghrouda means minor worries. ? A person giving a wedding party: Catastrophe. ? Being invited to a wedding ceremony: Joy and happiness, provided no food or banquet is seen. ? Organizing or looking after the preparations of a wedding party: Some members of the dreamer?s family will attend his funeral. ? If the wedding ceremony takes place in a house where a person is ill: The latter will die.

Cheese Dream Explanation

Cheese Dream Explanation ? Yogurt in a dream represents blessings in one's earnings, though it also indicates that a portion of one's earnings may include forbidden interest made from usury. Cheese in a dream also represents easy profits. However, soft cheese in a dream seems to have a more beneficial interpretation than hardened cheese. Such profits entail current financial success. Hardened cheese in a dream however may mean a journey. Eating bread with cheese in a dream represents miserliness. Mixing bread, cheese and walnuts in a dream means becoming afflicted with a sudden illness. Dry cheese for a traveller means profits while green cheese means profits for a resident.

Tooth Dream Explanation

Tooth Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming of an incisor growing over a current one: A new member will join the household. But if pain ensues, it means that the newcomer will bring about shame and troubles. ? Extracting one?s teeth: The dreamer is not supporting his family or is spending unwillingly. ? Throwing one?s teeth by pushing them with the tongue: The dreamer?s family will be harmed by foolish statements on the dreamer?s part. ? Teeth made of gold: Good dream for a scholar or an orator; otherwise it means disease or a fire. ? Having silver teeth: Financial losses.

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Electric current dreams FAQs:

Seeing Electric current dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Electric current dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Electric current dream Refer to Electric current islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Electric current very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Electric current?

There are different meanings of Electric current dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Electric current dream Refer to above Electric current islamic dream interpretation.

What do Electric current symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Electric current dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Electric current dream Refer to above Electric current islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Electric current in dream?

Electric current dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Electric current dream Refer to above Electric current islamic dream explanations.