Islamic dream interpretation of Evil spirit, Explanation & Meaning for Evil spirit dreams

Jesting Dream Explanation

Jesting Dream Explanation ? (Fun; Joking) Jesting in a dream represents a state of poverty, adverse conditions, apathy, a low spirit, uncertainty, torpor, or low self-esteem. Jesting in a dream also represents an ailment, hunger, love, or sorrow.

Spittle Dream Explanation

Spittle Dream Explanation ? Spitting against a tree in a dream means to recant one's promise. Spitting at another person in a dream means despising him. Warm saliva in a dream means long life, while cold saliva represents a short life. The color of one's saliva in a dream shows the state of one's spirit. Spiting blood or phlegm in a dream means speaking ill of others.

Envy Or Evil Eye Dream Explanation

Envy Or Evil Eye Dream Explanation ? This is a good dream for the one who is envied and a bad omen for the one casting an evil eye.

Jesus Christ Dream Explanation

Jesus Christ Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing the Holy Christ in a city or a mosque looking at the people there: Their hardships and difficult tests will be over because, says Al-Nabulsi, Jesus incarnates the spirit of God and His compassion.33 ? Jesus appearing at a place: The place will be blessed, justice will prevail therein, the pagans will be destroyed, and the devout will triumph. ? Seeing Jesus Christ accompanied by his mother:? (1) Something very great or a miracle will occur at that spot.? (2) Deep problems, calumnies, slander, pain, sorrow, and the shifting from one place to another.

Tannery Dream Explanation

Tannery Dream Explanation ? (Leather dying factory) A tannery in a dream has the same interpretation as that of a slaughterhouse. It also represents a school, a fellowship house, or similar places where the mind and spirit are taught and reared to correct oneself, to hold to what is true and to discard what is false. A tannery in a dream also represents a patient, forbearing and a hard-working woman, a housekeeper, or a child. Perhaps a tannery in a dream also could denote a harsh, wretched and a contemptible woman, though she likes cleanliness and guards herself from others impurities. (Also see Dye; Vat)

Lotus tree Dream Explanation

Lotus tree Dream Explanation ? (Lotus; Jujube tree) In a dream, a lotus tree means money and profits. Eating from its fruit in a dream means having a good spirit and a praiseworthy religious standing, or if one qualifies for leadership, it means that he will attain it. In a dream, a lotus tree is also a noble tree. As for religious people, seeing a lotus tree in a dream means spiritual growth, and for a ruler, it means gaining power. (Also see Jujube tree)

Blithe Dream Explanation

Blithe Dream Explanation ? (Cheerfulness; Light-headedness) In a dream, blithe signifies comfort, a good spirit and particularly for a grateful person. This also applies for seeing a deceased person in a state of cheerfulness. A blithely person in a dream is one who is grateful for the blessings endowed upon him by Allah Almighty of having a family, love, affection and for the ability to do good deeds. If one is expecting a promise to be fulfilled, then blithe in a dream implies the satisfaction of his aspirations.

Evil spirits Dream Explanation

Evil spirits Dream Explanation ? (Donkey; Braying of a donkey)

Shark Dream Explanation

Shark Dream Explanation ? (Fish) A shark in a dream represents high spirit, or it could mean belonging to the upper class or to a noble lineage.

Child birth Dream Explanation

Child birth Dream Explanation ? ? A woman giving birth to a child from her mouth: Will die and her spirit will come out from her mouth. ? A man dreaming that he has given birth to a baby boy:? (1) Will get ill.? (2) Will be delivered from a certain worry.? (3) Will get rid of a mean woman. ? A man dreaming that he has given birth to a baby girl:? (1) Relief from all hardships.? (2) Someone from the dreamer?s lineage will prevail over his folk.? (3) Will hear some great news. ? A woman delivering a cat from her vagina: She will give birth to a thief. ? A woman giving birth to an eagle: Will have an illustrious son, if the lady lives comfortably. If she is poor, she will give birth to a soldier.

Lung Dream Explanation

Lung Dream Explanation ? To trust Ibn Siren, the lung is where the spirit resides in the body. Therefore: ? Having healthy lungs means the dreamer will live long. ? The lungs being sick means life will be short. ? A lung being rotten means the dreamer will die soon.

Wickedness Dream Explanation

Wickedness Dream Explanation ? If one recognizes a wicked act in a dream, it represents his evil end, or that he may become an apostate. If one speaks of some thing evil in his dream, it denotes a wicked act he will commit toward someone in wakefulness.

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation

Jinn? - Or Djinn Dream Explanation ? According to my grandfather, the late Mr. Mahmoud Fahim of Egypt, a master magician and an authority on the subject, as quoted by Dr. Paul Brunton: ?? jinn's are native inhabitants of the spirit world who have never possessed a human body. Some of them are just like animals, others are as shrewd as men. There are also evil jinn's ? who are used by low sorcerers, especially by the African witch doctors ? they are dangerous servants and will sometimes turn treacherously on the man who is using them and kill him.?36 The jinn's have their own realm, whose doctors, for instance, are called Maymoun and Abanos. They are said sometimes to perform surgery. Ata is a good friend who answers queries and might appear, when invoked, in European or Arab dress or clad as a sheikh.? (It is not advisable to engage in such practices.)

Wall Gecko Dream Explanation

Wall Gecko Dream Explanation ? (Lizard) A wall gecko in a dream represents an evil person who is proud of himself, who encourages mischief, and dampens people's spirit to do good. A gecko in a dream also represents a backbiter and a slanderer. Getting hold of a gecko in a dream means encountering such a person. Eating a gecko in a dream means backbiting people. If a gecko takes a bite from someone's flesh in a dream, it means that someone will speak ill of him in public. A gecko in a dream also represents an avowed enemy who incessantly belittles his opponent and who drives from one place to another. (Also see Lizard)

Pepper Dream Explanation

Pepper Dream Explanation ? (Black pepper; Hot pepper) Pepper in a dream represents security money that insures the capital investment. Eating pepper in a dream means drinking a lethal drink or a bitter tasting medicine, or falling victim to a bad spirit, or earning money with commendation though through hard work. Pepper in a dream also means money if it is not used as food. Otherwise, if one eats pepper in his dream, it means distress or dismay.

Tassels Dream Explanation

Tassels Dream Explanation ? (Fringes) In a dream, tassels represent money, power, evil, falsehood, or a following. A tassel maker in a dream represents evil and doubt, or he could represent a school teacher, or perhaps having a large progeny.

Evil sound Dream Explanation

Evil sound Dream Explanation ? (Braying of a donkey)

Lake Dream Explanation

Lake Dream Explanation ? A lake in dream represents judges and governors who serve others without conspiracy. A lake in a dream also represents difficulties in completing one's journey. A small lake in a dream represents a rich woman, or a woman with a military spirit, or a woman who likes to be approached.

Haunted by evil spirits Dream Explanation

Haunted by evil spirits Dream Explanation ? (Possessed) If one sees himself haunted or possessed by evil spirits in a dream, it means that he engages in usury, performs secrets arts, or that he may lose his wealth to become unhappy, or to suffer from stress or depression.

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Seeing Evil spirit dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Evil spirit dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Evil spirit dream Refer to Evil spirit islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Evil spirit dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Evil spirit dream Refer to above Evil spirit islamic dream interpretation.

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