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Below Falcon dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Indian falcon Dream Explanation

Indian falcon Dream Explanation ? (zool. Shahin) In a dream, an Indian falcon or a Shahin represents an unjust ruler who keeps no promises. If one sees himself turned into a Shahin in a dream, it means that he will be appointed at a high ranking seat of authority, then be quickly dismissed or impeached from office.

Soup Dream Explanation

Soup Dream Explanation ? Eating a lion's soup in a dream means presiding over heartless and inhumane people, along with mistrust and fears. Eating a dog's soup in a dream means presiding over a loathsome and a despicable business, working with evil people and earning black profits. If the soup has no fat in the dream, it means deprivation, poverty and humiliation. Eating the sopped bread of such soup means death. Eating a falcon's or eagle's soup in a dream means taking a business trip, or making profits out of ignorant people who unwillingly submit to their losses.

Predatory birds Dream Explanation

Predatory birds Dream Explanation ? (See Bird; Eagle; Falcon; Hawk; Sakr; Vulture; etcetera)

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Falcon Dream Explanation

Falcon Dream Explanation ? it symbolises a tyrant ruler or king who is powerful and well known as a warlord. Acquiring or owning a falcon which obeys his commands means he will acquire assets and estates; he will also wield power by way of his appointment to kingship. Similarly, if it is seen flying horizontally with him on its back, he will enjoy honour, sublimity and power by being promoted to office of kingship. And if it is seen flying with him vertically towards the heavens, he will die while journeying. The same is the interpretation if he sees a hawk or any other bird of prey.

Falcon Dream Explanation

Falcon Dream Explanation ? The falcon symbolizes a king. It also refers to a thief that nobody can stop and who surmounts all barriers. ? A slaughtered falcon: Death of a king. ? Eating falcon meat: Money from the king or any supreme authority. ? A person eligible to become a ruler dreaming of a falcon standing obediently on his hand: Will become an unjust ruler. ? A commoner dreaming of a docile falcon standing on his hand: Joy and fame.

Meat Dream Explanation

Meat Dream Explanation ? ? Eating fox meat: Will fall ill and recover very fast. ? Eating duck meat: Will receive money from slave women or servants or will be blessed with a rich woman. ? Eating falcon meat: Money from the king or any supreme authority. ? Vulture meat: Money and influence. ? Eating tortoise meat: Money and knowledge.

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Saker Dream Explanation

Saker Dream Explanation ? (Falcon; Hawk) In a dream, a saker means a son, high rank, authority, or a respected, dignified and awe-inspiring person who comes from noble lineage though he is unjust. If one sees a saker pursuing him in a dream, it means that he has incurred the wrath of a strong and a courageous man who does what he says. Seeing a saker without a fight in a dream means profits, and the same interpretation applies to most hunting birds or animals.

Falcon Dream Explanation

Falcon Dream Explanation ? ? A king dreaming of looking after a falcon: Will have an army of Arabs known for their stoicism and courage. ? A king dreaming of a falcon taking off from his hand and leaving a thread or a feather: The king will be overthrown, but will keep some wealth. ? Seeing a falcon in one?s house: Will subdue a thief. ? Catching a falcon or placing it on one?s hand: Will catch a thief and recover lost property. ? Seizing a falcon: Will have a great son.

Falcon Dream Explanation

Falcon Dream Explanation ? A falcon in a dream represents a thief, might, victory over one's enemy, satisfying one's purpose, love to have many children, marriage, slaves, mistresses, precious stones, health, relief, or it could mean love to travel. A falcon in a dream also means cessation of life, capture, hunting, shackles, imprisonment, ties, etcetera. If it appears well trained, obedient and responsive in the dream, it means walking in the company of an important person who is surrounded with an impressive entourage. If one sees a falcon flying and gathering a flock of falcons in a dream, it means building an army. A falcon in a dream also represents an intelligent man who claims importance and dignity, though he is unjust.

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Peacock, Crow or Magpie Dream Explanation

Peacock, Crow or Magpie Dream Explanation ? A peacock may be interpreted as a wealthy non-Arab king who adopts much embellishments and who has many followers. The same applies to a royal white falcon or eagle. But if it is a crow or a magpie, it represents an evil person.

Speaking Dream Explanation

Speaking Dream Explanation ? (Hearing; Language; Listening; Talking; Words) Speaking different languages in a dream means richness. The words of a deceased person in a dream are always true. The same goes for birds speaking in a dream and their speech denotes glad tidings, prosperity, knowledge and understanding. If an animal talks with someone in his dream or tells him; " I saw a dream... " then if the animal refrains from relating such a dream, it means a fight, a battle, losses, or an argument. If a dog, a panther, or a falcon speaks to someone and tells him a dream in a dream, it means glad tidings, great earnings, benefits and joy. In general, birds talking to humans in a dream mean benefits and rising in rank. If a snake speaks gently with someone in a dream, it means that he will receive benefits from an enemy.

Bird Dream Explanation

Bird Dream Explanation ? ? An unknown bird standing on one?s head, shoulder, or neck or knees: A reference to the action or deeds of the dreamer. If the bird was white, such action is candid. The reverse is also true. ? An unknown bird standing on a pregnant woman?s head, shoulders, or knees: She will give birth to a child of the same gender as the bird. If the latter had stayed, the child would live and remain close to her. If it had flown away, it would mean the contrary. ? Owning or catching a flock of birds: Money and power, especially if the dreamer was looking after them, feeding them, and talking to them. ? Birds hovering over the dreamer?s head: Will become a leader. ? Birds flying in one?s house: Angels will visit the house.? (Also see Bat, Bustard, Carrion, Cock, Crow, Dove, Duck, Eagle, Falcon, Francolin, Goose, Griffin, Hawk, Hen, Kite, Ostrich, Owl, Parrot, Partridge, Pigeon, Quail, Raven, Roller, Sand Grouse, Sandpiper, Sparrow, Starling, Stork, Swallow, Vulture, and Warbler.)

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Hawk Dream Explanation

Hawk Dream Explanation ? The hawk symbolizes two things:? (1) An honest but unfair and famous ruler.? (2) An illustrious son. Being chased by a hawk means a courageous man will be angry with the dreamer. The sparrow hawk symbolizes a king, like the falcon. ? Seizing a sparrow hawk: Will send a thief to jail. ? A sparrow hawk coming out of one?s penis: Will have a son who will become famous for his courage and chivalry.

Falcon dreams FAQs:

Seeing Falcon dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Falcon dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Falcon dream Refer to Falcon islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Falcon very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Falcon?

There are different meanings of Falcon dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Falcon dream Refer to above Falcon islamic dream interpretation.

What do Falcon symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Falcon dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Falcon dream Refer to above Falcon islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Falcon in dream?

Falcon dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Falcon dream Refer to above Falcon islamic dream explanations.


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