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Arif Abu Muhammad

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Below Fried potato dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Taro Dream Explanation

Taro Dream Explanation ? (Edible roots of a tropical plant; Colocasia antiquorum; bot.; Large Egyptian potato) Eating taro in a dream means sufferings, adversities and trouble.

Eating the Eggs of Unknown Birds Dream Explanation

Eating the Eggs of Unknown Birds Dream Explanation ? The one who eats them cooked, fried or boiled in his dream, will acquired riches and prosperity.

Grill Dream Explanation

Grill Dream Explanation ? ? Grilled poultry: Money obtained from a woman without treachery or wickedness. But if the meat was not well done, the dreamer will speak ill of her in her absence and be unfair. ? Any poultry, be it grilled or fried: Honest but hard gains. ? Dreaming of something which the dreamer knows is burnt in real life: Benefits through injustice. ? A grilled flank: Symbolizes women? (because Eve is said to have been created from Adam?s rib). It follows that the side stretching from below the head to half the body is a reference to girls and female slaves. The lower part is an allusion to boys. ? Eating a grilled side: Burdens, worries, and sorrow.

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Eating the Innards of a Goat Dream Explanation

Eating the Innards of a Goat Dream Explanation ? If a person dreams that he is eating any portion of the innards (such as the liver, fat, spleen, heart etc.) of a goat, it means acquiring wealth. The same is the case if the becomes the owner of any portion of the innards. There is no difference as to whether they are cooked, roasted or fried. There is also no difference as to whether they are of a goat or any other animal. But the innards of a human being is regarded as more excellent.

Fish Dream Explanation

Fish Dream Explanation ? Seeing sea fish covered with salt in a dream means lasting richness, because fish are preserved in salt, or it could mean burdens. If one's wife is pregnant and he sees a fish coming out of his male organ in a dream, it means that his wife will beget a son. If a fish comes out of his mouth, then it means speaking ill of a woman. A fried fish in a dream means that one's prayers will be answered. A broiled fish in a dream means travels or seeking knowledge. A large fish in a dream means money, while a small fish means difficulties, burdens and stress, because it carries more spikes than meat, beside, small fish are more difficult to eat. Mixed sized of different kinds offish in a dream represent money, trouble, liking social events or mixing with all types of people, the good and the bad ones. Buying a fish in a dream may mean marriage. Eating a rotten fish in a dream means pursuing adultery and avoiding a lawful marriage.

Sesame seeds Dream Explanation

Sesame seeds Dream Explanation ? The meaning of dry sesame seeds in a dream denotes greater opportunities than the fresh ones. If the seeds are fried or sauteed, then they denote a greater evil and hardships. Sesame seeds and mustard seeds in a dream denote good only when seen by a physician. Otherwise, for the majority of people, seeing sesame seeds in a dream could mean a sickness, fever, or even poison.

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Bean Dream Explanation

Bean Dream Explanation ? Beans, lentils and the like, be they cooked or fried, mean sorrow for whoever obtains or eats them, wet or dry. However, plenty of them symbolizes money. Some say that green beans are worries and dry ones money and joy. Lentils are dirty money. A man told Ibn Siren he dreamed that he was carrying chilly Egyptian peas, or chick peas, to which the interpreter replied, ?You are a man who kisses your wife during the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims are supposed to be fasting.?

Fried potato dreams FAQs:

Seeing Fried potato dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Fried potato dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Fried potato dream Refer to Fried potato islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Fried potato very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Fried potato?

There are different meanings of Fried potato dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Fried potato dream Refer to above Fried potato islamic dream interpretation.

What do Fried potato symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Fried potato dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Fried potato dream Refer to above Fried potato islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Fried potato in dream?

Fried potato dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Fried potato dream Refer to above Fried potato islamic dream explanations.


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